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  • ARM Announces Project Trillium, a New Dedicated AI Processing Family
  • Arm Launches ML Processors for Edge Devices
  • Soon every gadget is going to have a special chip for AI
  • ARM launches two machine learning processors
  • ARM's latest processors are designed for mobile AI
  • ARM Announces Project Trillium Machine Learning IPs
  • ARM unveils mobile machine learning processor Project Trillium
  • The company that made smartphones smart now wants to give them built-in AI
  • Arm rolls out Project Trillium for edge device computing
  • ARM unveils two new AI chip designs to ride the machine learning wave
  • Your next phone may have an ARM machine learning processor
  • Computing Archives - ExtremeTech

    Apple’s new HomePod may offer excellent sound quality, but only if you use a handful of extremely limited services. Also, it stains countertops, possibly permanently.

  • Hubble Discovers Planet with Metallic Snow - ExtremeTech

    NASA has just detected a planet with an entirely new type of weather. On Kepler-13Ab, it snows metal. ...

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