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  • New fronts emerge in Syria as Assad, allies push for victory
  • 'What We Are Seeing is the Collapse of the Attempt to Destroy Syria' - Analyst
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  • Conferences - The Jerusalem Post

    Jerusalem resident ordered to remove anti-deportation sign from apartment. U.S. officials: Trump, Netanyahu to meet at White House on March 5. Large Tel ...

  • For Zion's Sake Ministries – Humanitarian Aid to Israel ...

    Dear friends and supporters of FZS, we wish you a very joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year! The battle for Jerusalem has begun I will make Jerusalem a cup of ...

  • Hen Mazzig - The Jerusalem Post

    Hen Mazzig. Hen Mazzig, 27-years-old from Tel Aviv, is an Israeli born international speaker, writer, activist and a social media enthusiast. Hen was in ...

  • Kibbutsit ennen ja nyt | Suomen Karmel-yhdistys

    Aya Sagi, kibbutsiliikkeen vapaaehtoisosaston johtaja, vieraili Suomessa huhtikuun lopussa. Artikkeli on kooste hänen luennostaan Helsingissä.

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